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Sunday, October 11th

@10:00 AM BST Time ( UK )
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Join Mirela Sula, in her MasterMind with the Founder of Success Resources, Veronica Tan to learn everything about achieving your success

Veronica Tan

Co-Founder of Success Resources

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) is her very own brainchild. It is a platform where she gets to gather many different speakers from all spheres of influence and walks of life, with the purpose of adding massive value to people’s lives. Veronica is an inspirational speaker and has shared the stage with different renowned celebrities.
Veronica Tan was born in Malaysia to entrepreneurial parents and with a natural instinct and talent for sales and entrepreneurship from a very young age. Faith in God plays a huge part in guiding everything she does in her personal life and in business. 
Veronica and her husband Richard Tan have run Success Resources for many years with complementary strengths, with Veronica based in London and Richard in the US. Success Resources is more than a company for her and her husband; it’s a mission of life, it is their ministry. 
They live their lives to serve people and bring the best out of them. Many come to their seminars completely lost and without a purpose, and after they start learning, their minds start broadening, their hearts start enlarging and consequently, their lives change dramatically.

Join Mirela Sula, in her MasterMind with the Founder of Success Resources, Veronica Tan to learn everything about achieving your success

What we will cover?

 You are hungry for something?
 You don’t need to settle for less. 
 The competitive edge.  The will to win.  The drive to overcome any obstacle. 

 Whatever you call it, winners find a way.

  The will to win .

  The desire to succeed.

The urge to reach your full potential.
The keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

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