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We Will Show You The Expert Methods 

Saturday, 19th  December

@10:00 AM CET Time
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How to Use Your Hidden Gifts and Grow Global

Why should you join us?

Each of us is unique and is having a gift. If you already identify it, this is great, and Congratulations! Now it’s really up to you what you are going to do with your talent. Are you going to honor it, let it grow, share it with the world, and be an influencer? Or you will hide, and anybody will know about you and your gift.
I belong to the first group of people. I let my talent grow. Right now, I’m in the contributor stage, and I can give more to the people.
If you would like to know how to get to the contributor stage and how Global Woman might support you in that journey, this webinar is for you. I will present to you how to use your gift and grow global.
During this webinar, I will share with you 10 ways how to use your gift and grow global. You can see it based on my case.

You are lucky today. You are invited to join us on Saturday

19th December, 10:00 AM CET Time

10 Reasons why Global Woman!

   We help you to find a purpose
   We help you to grow your confidence 
   We help you to become a public speaker
   With us you can be featured in the media
   With us you can become a published author
   With us you can learn how to start and scale your business
   You can learn from the best experts how to pivot the business online
   You can reach a global audience 
   You can create meaningful connections 
   With Global Woman you feel home, safe and secure

Why me?

Public Speaker in the Tech Forum

Kornelia Zegiel

Director of Global Woman Club in Frankfurt

My name is Kornelia Zegiel, I’m an author and global speaker, entrepreneur, and ambassador of Global Woman Club in Frankfurt. 
I’m having a strong finance background with a Master's degree in Finance and Economy. 
In my corporate finance career, I was working for market leaders such as HP, Abbott, and ERT and leading many international teams in Western Europe, Africa, and Middle East countries. 
Recently I have launched my online course regarding communication and collaboration skills.
My next project is writing a book, “How to sustain effective communication with international business and leadership”. 
Connie Lee Bennett
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Paris
Ellen Bjerkehag
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Stockholm
Giovana Vega
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Amsterdam

Why Global Woman?

With Global Woman you can grow fast and go far!
It does not matter where you are now, what it matters is, where you want to go.
We help you to reach that destination
If you’re serious about to grow your business, then you definitely want to join this incredible FREE online training on the 19th December at 10:00 AM CET Time where Kornelia Zegiel will be taking you through How to Use Your Hidden Gifts and Grow Global
Sign up today as spaces are limited!
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