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Wednesday, December 15th

@06:00 PM UK Time
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Elaine Powel - The Power of Delivering A TEDx Talk

About Our Guest Speaker

Elaine Powel

Profesional Speaker , peak performance & public speaking coach

Elaine is a Keynote speaker, TEDx curator, TEDx and public speaking coach. 

She has spoken at over 150 events, trained 30,000 people, delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking.

CEO of MindSpeak Academy that coaches passionate entrepreneurs, authors and experts to grow their visibility, credibility and thought leadership by delivering outstanding presentations and TED talks, that advances the human race and transforms the world.

Connie Lee Bennett
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Paris
Ellen Bjerkehag
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Stockholm
Giovana Vega
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Amsterdam

In this class you will learn:

 The fundamentals about TED and TEDx
 What stops people getting on a TEDx stage
 How to find your idea worth spreading
 Why delivering a TEDx talk will propel yourself and your business
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