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Wednesday, December 01st

@06:00 PM UK Time
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Gosia Wojciulewicz - Mindfulness for Body, Mind & Heart Integration

About Our Guest Speaker

Gosia Wojciulewicz

Mindfulness for Body, Mind & Heart Integration

I trained under many teachers, mentors, coaches and healers like Samuel Jun, Jing Jung, Mantak Chia, Tevia Feng, Krishnapremananda, Venant Wong, William Whitecloud, Beata Kapcewicz and Ewa Rok Zarska to name a few. They helped me develop my own unique style and method of teaching.

I’m a strong believer in conscious living which in simple terms means that you’re creating your life consciously rather than drifting along passively.

I help my clients reach their fullest potential personally and professionally by teaching them about conscious living and the need for a balanced life.

My approach is to inspire my clients to develop personally and grow to feel better – this means feeling happier, healthier, more confident, and more secure in themselves.
I practice many different methods and techniques which, when combined, give amazing results. You will feel a heightened sensitivity to your personal energy and will see, hear, and feel things in a way like never before. You will notice the unlimited potential not only in yourself, but in your surroundings. You may feel a sudden realization, an awakening, of your connection to life and the world around you – this is the idea that chi (energy) tries to encapsulate. Life force energy is so integral to self-healing, vitality, and clarity of mind, and I invite you to join me in discovering yours.

For many years I have been accompanying people on the effective way of entering the next levels in their lives. These are the people who successfully add value to other people's lives today. I guided people through this process individually or in groups in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Poland.
I support people in building a system and a holistic approach to life (wellbeing in the work environment and private life).
This project has been a personal and professional journey of discovery for me with many ups and downs, and I’m inspired by the feeling of gratitude that I’m improving many aspects of my life and those who are around me.
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Regional Director at Global Woman Club Paris
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Mindfulness for Body, Mind & Heart Integration

 New ways to be with life experiences
 More resilient in dealing with pressure and changing demands
 Boost in creativity and innovative thinking
 Improve wellbeing, vitality, optimism, enthusiasm and job fulfilment
 Increase energy levels, sense of connection, meaning and purpose
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