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Wednesday, November 17th

@12:00 PM UK Time
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Jessen James - How to Master Entrepreneurship So You Can Make Big Money & Big Impact

About Our Guest Speaker

Jessen James

How to Master Entrepreneurship So You Can Make Big Money & Big Impact

Mirela is joined by Jessen James, self-made millionaire and teacher of success. From his home, Jessen discusses a range of topics; 
from his background of East London to the many failures and life lessons he endured from working with the NHS and getting fired, starting his own business and losing a lot of money to picking himself back up and becoming a young millionaire.

Now Jessen lays down the tools and explains how you can become a full-time millionaire with a part-time job. Jessen James is best known for his public speaking and his high rate of successful clients. 

His Business & Marketing School teaches clients how to get their business up and running in 3 days with high chances of success.

His slogan, being 'Work Less Earn More' is appealing to entrepreneurs who find themselves having less time to spend on their business but still want to earn more.

Jessen talks about the economic damage that has taken place during the pandemic and encourages people to look at the ways they can take advantage of the situation in terms of making their own money.

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How to Master Entrepreneurship So You Can Make Big Money & Big Impact

  New Strategies: Jessen's aim is to show methods on how to work less and get paid more. He teaches that many people repeat their old strategies and don't see the results they want. It's time for new ones.
 The redistribution of money in today's economy. The old ways of making money before the pandemic are over; it's time to invest in the new ways. As Jessen puts it 'Are you collecting your share of it?
 The importance of seeing the blessing in adversity and hardships. Some hardships come to make you stronger.
 Showing appreciation to those that helped you on your route to success is sometimes just as important as enjoying the fruits of your hard work alone. 
 Upgrading your psychology mindset - learning to have a 'producer mindset and not a consumer one.
  The different laws that help create the Business Wealth Formula. 
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