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We Will Show You The Expert Methods 

Wednesday, April 20th

@06:00 PM GMT
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Unleash your Genius in your Business and Life 

About Our Guest Speaker

Ryan Pinnick - Founder SuperGenius

Ryan Pinnick is one of the UK’s most in demand speakers empowering audiences to in applying superconsciousness to improve their careers, businesses, investments, relationships, healing and lifestyle.

He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lord Sugar, Grant Cardone, Andrea Pennington, Lewis Howes, Fabienne Fredrickson, David Goggins and has been a regular speaker at Rich Dad Education, The Business Show, Yes Group and Expert Empires.  

Ryan moved from Cape Town to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer but his entrepreneurial spirit lead him to leaving employment to start a business in real estate during which he had many successes and failures.

It was his passion for human behaviour and spiritual purpose that lead him to discovering superconsciousness which for him, was the missing link to creating what he wanted in all areas of life.

In 2014 he committed fully to teaching superconsciousness by launching his training company SuperGenius which has since generated over £8M in revenue due to the effectiveness of this unique methodology.

Connie Lee Bennett
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Paris
Ellen Bjerkehag
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Stockholm
Giovana Vega
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Amsterdam

In this Masterclass Ryan’s session will cover the following

  •  Everything in your life: Business, Career, Relationships, Well-Being, Fulfilment is a direct reflection of your consciousness.
  •  Unleash your Genius in your Business and Life
  •  How to Master Self Awareness and Purpose
  • ​How to create what you Love through Superconsciousness
  • How your Intuition and Imagination will Guarantee Success
  • How to overcome you Unconscious Self Sabotage
If you’re serious about to grow your business, then you definitely want to join this incredible FREE online training on the 20th of April at 06:00 PM GMT where Ryan Pinnick - Unleash your Genius in your Business and Life
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