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Wednesday, November 30th

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 The Secrets of Being A High Achiever

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 We all want to succeed in life, but very few of us learn how to achieve things we want, and become consciously driven to reach our highest potential.
 Maybe you always wanted to get a degree, a Masters, a PhD, study at a top University or maybe you simply wanted to learn and invest in your education. It can be related to a dream that you had when you were a child, or maybe you still have that dream. No matter what it is, a vision to become a dancer, a chef, an accountant, a teacher, a successful mom, an entrepreneur or a Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge academic what high achievers have in common is they want something and they go and get it.
Some people find it easy to realise their ambition and some people can't even visualize it enough. Do some people have some outstanding abilities that others don’t? Or everyone can learn to be a high achiever?
 I have invited two twin sisters who have started their journey as refugees seeking for asylum reaching the top studying at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial & Harvard University. Today they are a great example of what it means to be a high achiever and they teach these secrets in their classes, courses and services.
About Our Guest Speaker

Dr Detina Zalli  - Director for Pre-Medical Studies at the University of Cambridge

Dr Detina Zalli is the academic director for Pre-Medical Studies course at the University of Cambridge, UK. She earned her PhD at the University of Leicester, UK and then moved to Boston, where she carried out her postdoctoral research training at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Following her postdoctoral training at Harvard, Dr. Zalli focused on teaching, where she directed multiple courses for undergraduate and graduate students in the life sciences. She also acted as the Director of the Advanced Graduate Preclinical and Clinical Research Course and the Director of the Biotech Journal Club at Harvard Medical School.

Inspired by the 44th U.S. president, Barack Obama, at Harvard, Dr. Zalli joined Harvard Professional Government and chaired multiple important events such as Harvard Lectures That Last and the Harvard Leadership Conference.

Dr. Zalli then moved to the University of Oxford, where she was the academic lead for the MSc course in Precision Cancer Medicine.

Aside from teaching, Dr. Zalli is committed to assisting students from ethnic and racial minorities and socioeconomic status. In 2015, Dr. Zalli founded We Speak Science, a non-profit organisation which aims to inspire students from all over the world to pursue STEM careers. 

She has led many STEM events in collaboration with faculty from Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, the University of Oxford and scientists from NASA. In 2020, Dr. Zalli co-founded a charity called "Aferdita Ime" in collaboration with otherworld-renowned oncologists and scientists, with the mission of assisting cancer patients through psychosocial support and counselling. Dr. Zalli is also the founder of The Zalli Foundation, a charity, which aims to educate, elevate, and inspire people globally online and offline through the art of storytelling while promoting empathy, kindness and positive mental health.

Dr Argita Zalli   - Teaching and Learning Specialist at Imperial College London

Dr Argita Zalli holds a PhD in Immunology and an MSc in University Learning and Teaching.

Over the past 10 years she has conducted medical research in the fields of Immunology,
Haematology and Psychobiology where she has collaborated with world leading scientists, including Nobel Prize Winner and published in high impacted research journals. She has also directed and taught courses for biomedical and medical students and has been awarded several teaching awards.

Over the past couple of years, Dr A Zalli has focused on teaching and pedagogical training of university teaching staff in Imperial College, London where she is currently a teaching and learning specialist lead in the Faculty of Medicine, clinical years.
Dr A. Zalli is also the founder of We Speak Science, a non-profit institution, the aim of Which, is to increase awareness of science and medicine in the USA and Europe.

Through We Speak Science, Dr A. Zalli co-founded the charity called “Aferdita Ime”, whose aim is to help cancer patients through psycho-social support and counselling.

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