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Wednesday , February 8th

@05:00 PM GMT
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How to use finance to drive your dream business?

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About Our Guest Speaker

Sara Yates   - Sara Is Advisor/Ambassador/ NCA( Private Equity)

  Drove the creation of an Alternative Investment Fund to broaden the reach to those restricted investing in funds and/or wanting a more passive investment approach.   
  Advise on marketing and communication strategy, as well as leading on content delivery and placement.  
 Sara is a tenacious and versatile “do-er” who can leverage a wealth of experience across finance (public and private markets), property, media and governance/operational risk and her own entrepreneurial journeys to add value to others. With a sharp intellect and people focused approach Sara has been taken into a position of trust as an adviser to national and international governments, CEOs and more recently wealthy individuals.
 She delights in sharing her knowledge and empowering others, and regularly uses her platform as a journalist to help women, in particular, better access, understand and use finance to achieve their goals. Sara’s other passion is supporting people’s mental health, giving up her time to turn around and chair failing charity, as well as writing a book to help young children and develop strategies to build resilience and support their mental health.
 NCA recruits future CEOs to find, buy, run and then private equity opportunities with an acquisition value of $10-$40m in Europe and the US, and raises the capital through a community of investors and funds. All opportunities target an 30% IRR at exit.
  Ambassador for the programme, raising awareness of the asset class across family offices, connecting recruits to PE opportunities and raising fund to facilitate the purchase of numerous acquisitions in Europe.
  Sara provides wide ranging support to families/wealthy individuals who would like a more personal approach to managing their wealth and situation.Sara is also Freelance Journalist at Evening Standard and inews since 2016.
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